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Our Panel

We proudly to announce our panel for the Boys To Men Teen Empowerment Conference & Expo. Our speakers will provide a safe area for our young men (boys aged 10 to 18) to express themselves without judgment and engage in therapeutic dialogues about navigating life as a man. Every man has had different life experiences and been exposed to different philosophies and worldviews that we want to share with our young boys. This will be accomplished by giving attendees tools for success by highlighting several topics. These topics are: transitioning to manhood, pursuing passion and purpose, conquering the fear of success, effective communication, maintaining healthy relationships, interacting with law enforcement, navigating in a professional world, and mental health and self-care.  

Meet The Speakers

Melvin "Mel-Man" Breeden 

CEO/President, Big Cat Records

Co-Founder, Atlanta Premier

CEO/President, Radar Live

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Kimathi Olenja
CEO, Cold Turkey Management

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Atlanta Premier Respresentatives

Our DJ

V103 Atlanta
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Our Host

Q Parker 
Co-Founding Member, 112

President & Founder 
Brothers United ATL 
Entertainer & Philanthropist 
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Our Sponsors

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